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Monday, May 01, 2006

Saints fans are now on the clock

Saints fans weren't the only ones hooting for joy to have Reggie Bush fall into their laps during Saturday's first round of the NFL Draft ... so was Tom Benson and that's not great news for New Orleans.

Bush potentially becomes Benson's first class ticket out of town.

IF, Saints fans can't come out in droves for one of the most anticipated rookie debut seasons in years, than what argument can anyone make for keeping the Saints in Louisiana? Reggie Bush equals ticket sales, merchandise sales, national attention and hype. Fair or not, Bush is football's Michael Jordan.

And Air Jordan didn't play in half-filled venues.

Saints fans from Shreveport to Monroe to Lafayette to Baton Rouge are going to have to make the march to New Orleans. If not, expect the following lead paragraph in newspapers around the country.

"Citing lagging attendance and slumping revenues despite a breakout season by the unanimous choice for the NFL rookie of the year, Reggie Bush, New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson and NFL Commissioner (fill in name here) announced that the team will be moving to Los Angeles for the 2007 NFL season."

Or ... if the NFL really wanted to make a splash it could do the following. The San Diego Chargers move to Los Angeles giving the second largest TV market in the U.S. an instantly competitive team that the SoCals are already familiar with, and the Saints move to San Diego, hometown of the one and only Reggie Bush.

Pull that off and do you think anyone is talking about poor New Orleans?

The Saints fans only defense is a strong offense at the ticket window.


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