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Monday, May 29, 2006

Committee does LSU wrong

Let's get this straight: I'm not an LSU baseball fan. I may be the farthest thing from one.

But, even I can see the NCAA baseball selection committee did the Tigers wrong. While I don't think LSU's body of work warranted a regional bid, LSU did deserve to go ahead of Mississippi State.

Sure the Tigers lost 2 of 3 games to State, but that was when the Bulldogs were rolling along on an 18-0 start to the season. At the end of the year, neither team was good, but LSU did finish a half-game ahead of State in the SEC and made the conference tournament. The Bulldogs did not.

My biggest rail on the committee the last couple of years has been its propensity to not live up to its promise of "growing the game nationally." By taking only 8 SEC teams this year instead of the 9 it took the last couple of years, that helps do that. Now, a San Diego and a San Francisco get into the tournament, giving it a little different look.

Still, if you're going to leave LSU at home, do the same for those who finished below the Tigers.


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