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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

No Fun League Part One Zillion

So the NFL won't let Reggie Bush wear No. 5.

There may not be a more self-righteous group in the entire world than the National Football League. They don't want to change their jersey number rules because, heaven forbid, it may be tougher on game officials keeping up with eligible and ineligible linemen and the like.

Good grief. College officials have no problem with it, but NFL officials do? Give me a break.

The NFL is corporate America -- the good and the bad. The good is that the NFL is a fine-tuned machine that rolls over every other sports competition in the country. The bad is that it enforces rules (TD celebrations, uniform codes and the like) that are in place only because they can make those rules.

Reggie Bush wearing No. 5 in New Orleans would have meant thousands to Katrina relief after he pledged to donate some of his proceeds.

The NFL figures it has done enough for Katrina relief. And maybe they have.

That still doesn't make Tuesday's ruling any smarter.


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