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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wrong about the Mavs

Anyone who has been at 222 Lake Street the last week or so pretty much knows what I thought of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team.

Lots of talent. Lots of offense. Not much heart.

Well, well, well.

What do you know, the Mavericks knocked off the defending champion San Antonio Spurs on Monday night to advance to the Western Conference finals.

So I was wrong about the heart.

You know why? Because a surgeon named Avery Johnson has given this team a heart transplant.

The Mavericks play defense now, something they rarely did for Don Nelson. They haven't given up much on the offensive end to add defense to their game.

They are a legitimate threat to win the NBA championship, something that hasn't been possible since the late 1980s.

And in case you think the NBA Draft doesn't matter, I was at the Mavericks' draft in 2004 when they drafted a kid named Josh Howard. I'd say that has worked out for Dallas.


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