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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Watching NBA hard to do!

It is no wonder few people with any sense at all watch these games.

With the playoffs cranking up, I tried over the weekend. I honestly did.

It isn't the play on the floor that drove me away so much as the production of the game by the TV people showing the game. The person or persons controlling what should be shown must have been on the same thing as Ricky Williams.

They must have missed two or three steals and a couple baskets because they were busy showing some schmo in the stands or a close up of a nobody on the bench.

Whatever happened to keeping the camera on the action at hand. How about keeping the ball in play in the picture at all times. Is that so hard to do? You don't have to have a close up of the back court throw in but it would be nice to watch just in case someone does happen to steal the pass and lay it in or pass to someone else for a lay in.


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