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Monday, April 24, 2006

Forget Young, Leinart

Vince Young and Matt Leinart are getting all the press, but the man who many scouts will have the brightest future in the NFL is Vanderbilt's Jay Cutler.

Cutler is projected as a first-round pick, and rightfully so, but Young and Leinart continue to get all the air time and headlines. When in fact, Cutler has better arm strength, a quicker release and is tougher than those two.

Leinart had plenty of options at USC plus he had a stellar line protecting him. Young had two reads to make and if it wasn't there he was off and running. But Cutler played at Vanderbilt and was still able to impress scouts.

Let's face it. There's no way the talent level of Vanderbilt could compete with Texas or USC. Cutler had to stay in the pocket, get hit and yet he bounced right back up time after time. He got the most out of himself and his teammates. Think Leinart and Young could do the same? I don't know.

Cutler's Senior Bowl performance only solidified what many scouts were thinking already - he will be a better pro than the other two.

Young and Leinart may go ahead of him in the draft this weekend, but be ready to hear from Cutler in the future.


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