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Monday, April 24, 2006

Too much scrutiny

If you listen to NFL folks and draft analysts talk, then you'd think Vince Young was the second coming of Andre Ware. How many ways can Young be picked apart?

Let's start with his unorthodox throwing motion. OK, so he doesn't have a classic throwing motion. He did display unusual accuracy as a junior at Texas.

He played in a simple offense. So? If memory serves correctly, USC's Pete Carroll has an NFL background and the Trojans didn't exactly stop Young and the "simple'' Texas offense in the Rose Bowl.

He didn't throw at the Combine but threw on an ESPN skills competition. This just in, kids watch ESPN. They want to be on ESPN. Bad judgment? Nah, just a kid being a kid.

Look, Vince Young may indeed be a bust in the NFL. That's a possibility. It's also a possibility with Matt Leinart, Jay Cutler and every other quarterback out there.

But from what I saw of Vince Young in games that mattered last year -- Ohio State, Oklahoma, USC - you have to give the guy his due.

This scrutiny of top picks has almost gone over the top.


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