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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sad week for Tech

First there was Paul Millsap, then there was Ronny Walker. Louisiana Tech lost two critical components of its athletic department within a couple of days of each other, and it would be hard to say which loss affects the university more.

The men's basketball team will be hard pressed to score points and get rebounds without Millsap in the fray, judging by the way the 2005-06 season went. Keith Richard better be turning over some rocks before next week's national signing day.

The defection of Walker was a big blow to Tech's fundraising efforts at a time when funds are most critical. A tireless worker with creative ideas, Walker leaves a spot that will be as hard to fill as will Millsap's. Walker also had a devoted following of supporters and the maturity to handle a tough job in a first class manner. If the wrong person is hired to replace Walker, outside monies could be turned off.

This makes me glad that I'm not a college basketball coach or an athletic director.


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