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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Fooled again

Silly me, I actually thought LSU would be competitive against UCLA. The Tigers were competitive on the road against Connecticut and Ohio State earlier in the year. They actually beat West Virginia on the road.

Alas, history repeated itself again on Saturday night. In fact, it was double trouble for LSU. The Tigers have never beaten UCLA. They have never won a Final Four game.

They still haven't.

This Final Four flameout still isn't the worst of the modern era. The 1981 team which got wasted by Indiana was a better team and one that probably should have won a national championship. That was worse.

This, how do you qualify this?

It is certainly a flameout, and far less understandable than the overachievers in 1986.

This was like every bit of bad karma that could possibly come out - players arguing among themselves, players snapping at coaches, missed free throws, disinterested play.

Oh well, there's always .......hey, how 'bout that spring football.


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