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Monday, April 03, 2006

Coach Chats from home now

We have received several reports at The Times of Michael Messerly and Coach "Chats" heading west on I-20 in a convertible Mustang, two scarves blowing carefree in the wind.

In reality, Messerly is not feeling well today because Coach "Chats," as he fondly calls Pokey Chatman (the only living human to voluntarily and legally change her name to Pokey), is now at home watching the rest of the women's tournament, her annual loss in the semifinal game taken care of. Meanwhile, the men's NIT, Nebraska's basketball home in the best of times, is over for this year.

It will be a long offseason.


Blogger Michael Messerly said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:39 PM  
Blogger Michael Messerly said...

Our apologies here at The Times that those of you who visit the Free For All need to witness the public breakdown of Brian McCallum.

It's like being in a restaurant where some Casanova breaks the heart of a young starlet by breaking up with her in a public place. Only this time, surprise, she dumps her soup on the cad's lap and storms off screaming obscenities.

Check, please!

In all honesty, Brian has been in a state of depression since not making the cut of the most recent casting of Project Runway.

All seemed to go well until he informed the producers that he has been designing outfits for Baylor women's coach Kim Mulkey-Robertson.

(Click on the link above to see what he put together for her national championship game victory, so fetching in sky blue pantsuit. Brian, is that leather or satin?)

Brian's only saving grace is he is not responsible for doing her make up, that job continues to be done by circus carneys.

6:45 PM  
Blogger Brian McCallum said...

Shows what you know Messerly. It was cotton. Harumph!

9:33 PM  

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