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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It was Phil's fault, but not his fault

All I'm hearing in various media outlets is people knocking Phil Mickelson's victory at the Masters because no one -- especially Tiger Woods -- challenged him. And that if someone did pose a threat the outcome may have been different.
Well, it's not Mickelson's fault he was that much BETTER than the field. There was no drama because he made sure there was no drama. The guy, and trust me, I'm not a Mickelson fan, played one of the best final rounds of a major you'll see.
He never got in trouble. He didn't put himself in a position to have to scramble around the back nine. He executed every shot to near perfection.
Should we think less of the Cowboys' blowout Super Bowl wins in the 90s because teams like Buffalo didn't make a game of it? The Cowboys were that much better. Give them credit.
The same goes for Sunday's final round.


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