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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Olympic Spirit Got Punked

When did the Winter Games become the Jackass Olympics?

Downhill skiing meant to resemble motocross? An event called Skeleton? I'm sorry, when did the luge no longer rate on anyone's Fear Factor scale? Moguls, half-pipes, what's next, is the band Korn going to close the Olympic Games by extinguishing the flame by peeing on it?

As a transplant from the Midwest, (GoBigRed) as long as we're busy just making events up, I suggest the Inner Tube Downhill where one will be judged on lift off of the tube when you hit a bump and one's ability to land on the inner tube on the way down.

How about Naked Flagpole Climbing, a staple on any Midwestern university campus and a natural salute to the Olympic Games in ancient Greece.

I don't need to know where the next Winter Games is taking place, I have my first prediction for 2010 Games ... the mystery person to light the Olympic Flame ... Steve-O!


Blogger Roy Lang III said...

Skeleton rocks! That's actually a legitimate sport! Course Messerly doesn't take his eyes off the Ice Dancing long enought to watch the real stuff.

4:58 PM  

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