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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Biggest upset ever...

How else can you call No. 5 Michigan's loss to Appalachian State on Saturday? There's absolutely no excuse for that loss and only adds credence to the Big Ten's level of overrated play. And I'm a MICHIGAN grad writing this...

Lloyd Carr has been outcoached in his last three games - Ohio State, Southern Cal and now this. How embarrassing. I've been getting looks around town because of the Michigan sticker in the back window of my car and the Michigan Alumni license plate. Sitting at red lights, I see the people snickering at me in my rear-view mirror. Actually, it's a mixture of snickering and looks of sympathy. "Aw, honey. Look at the poor, misguided and disillusioned Michigan and Big Ten fan."

How can a Division I-A coach, supposedly coaching the No. 5 team in the nation, let this happen? Maybe there are some strands of Bo Schembechler's DNA locked away in a cabinet in the Michigan biology department, so the Wolverines can clone them a legitimate coach.

Michigan boosters are probably chartering a private jet to Baton Rouge right now to woo Les Miles back to his alma mater (and I'm sure there's some LSU fans ready to contribute to the airfare), but I don't think Miles is the answer. Sorry Tigers fans.

Like any college grad, I'm always proud of their alma mater, but this is the lowest moment for Michigan football in its storied history, and I'm thoroughly embarrassed.


Blogger Pedro Pizarro said...


This is the first thing that came to my mind when I heard about the Wolverines' loss (don't worry, it's family friendly):


Take care man.

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