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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vick issue in perspective

I'm sick and tired of all the animal rights activists coming out against Michael Vick. The guy shouldn't have bet on dogs and he certainly shouldn't have killed them. But I don't need to hear one more peep from PETA about how bad a guy he is.

I'm more concerned about the growing number of sexual predators in northwest Louisiana and the number of robberies, rapes and murders in Shreveport and Bossier City than I am about dog fighting in Virginia. I love dogs as much as the next person, but they ain't people. There are bad dogs that need to be put to sleep, just like there are bad people who need to be put to sleep.

Hang me if you want, but some entities, especially the media, have blown this Vick issue way out of proportion.


Blogger Carly11 said...

I think Vick's conduct in this matter was horrific, inhumane, inexcusable and intolerable. Why would a person who just signed a lucrative NFL contract need to exploit and destroy innocent animals for monetary gain? If I should be chosen the one to render punishment to fit the crime, I would throw this depraved excuse for DNA into a "pit" of his own vicious fighting dogs and when he demonstrated "poor fighting technique", I would then "hose" him down and throw the electrical juice to him. I used to enjoy your articles "Mr" Watson, but you can assure yourself that I will never waste my time reading them again, they might come in handy as emergency paper for my dogs..............

5:12 PM  

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