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Monday, August 13, 2007

Sorry Sports...

You're done like a rotisserie chicken. Your season is kaput.

Manager Bob Flori can harp on the fact that his owner let him down all he wants, but the simple matter is the Sports couldn't get it done in the second half. They now face a long, long offseason.

As much as the front office would love for The Times to cover the team more, I don't see how this team would warrant any more coverage than we already give them.

We've done several centerpiece stories on the team, an occasional weekly notebook and game stories. Attendance is only slightly better than in previous seasons.

Instead of a story saying how they still can't attract people to the ballpark, I did a story saying how their attendance was up at the beginning of the season, which it was. It's tapered off considerably over the summer.

And, the Sports and the front office may not want to hear it, but the quality of baseball in the league isn't all that great. One of The Times writers wrote that about the team last year and had a player come after him.

The organization and the league need to make a lot of gains to get people out to the ballpark again. I don't think the Sports are the franchise to get people interested in baseball again.


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