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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Canton can wait

So I pick up my copy of this week's Sporting News and there staring at me is Tony Romo.

Excuse me, but has any player in the history of the NFL ever gotten more pub for doing less in his career?

(OK, Joel, maybe Reggie Bush).

Tony Romo may one day be a great quarterback. But right now, he's a guy who played HALF A SEASON.

I'm sure someone will tell me how made the Pro Bowl last year. But that just shows how bad the quarterback play in the NFC was a year ago when a guy who plays half a season makes the Pro Bowl.

Maybe Tony Romo will be great this year. Maybe he'll lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl and I'll jump on the Tony Romo bandwagon.

But as someone who covered Troy Aikman, he's no Troy Aikman at this stage of his career.

And that's just it -- it's this stage in his career.

Let's hold off on the Hall of Fame speech and let him play for a year or two to see what he's really got.


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