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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Earth to Rory: Lock it up

Rory Sabbatini probably still doesn't get it. After a second thrashing at the hands of Tiger Woods since saying Tiger was "beatable," the South African golfer still can't find a grasp on reality.
Excerpt from Sunday's news conference after Woods rallied from a one-shot deficit to win by EIGHT:
Q. You've always been confident in yourself. Do you think maybe in the future you would just keep that to yourself when you're playing against Tiger?
Q. Well, it could serve as a motivation for him. He seems to play really well
RORY SABBATINI: Well, good, I hope I inspire him. I hope I inspire him and play well enough that I can give him a good challenge.
Rory, SHUT UP! Just say, 'Listen guys, I'm not sure what I was thinking when I said what I said, but I definitely shouldn't have said it.'
You can think you can beat Tiger all you want -- pipe dreams at this point -- but keep it to yourself. Tiger has proven that any added motivation proves to be deadly for the competition, even moreso than usual.
Tiger's response, of course, was classic:
"Well, the whole idea is just -- everyone knows how Rory is, and I just go out there and just let my clubs do the talking."
What's worse is that Sabbatini had a guy booted for the golf course Sunday for asking a simple question as he walked off the ninth green.
"Still think Tiger is beatable," a fireman from Ohio asked.
Being the stand-up guy Sabbatini is, he had him kicked out.
If you're going to talk trash ... you have to live with the consequences. What the guy said was a heck of a lot nice than most would utter.
Get a clue Rory.
It appears the three golden rules have evolved into four:
No. 1: You never tug on Superman's cape.
No. 2: Never pee into the wind.
No. 3: Never bet against Michael Jordan.
No. 4: Don't agitate the Tiger.


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