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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Centenary president misses the point

Centenary president Ken Schwab isn’t exactly been forthcoming about his athletic director search.

After securing a list of candidates for the position around 1 p.m. on Tuesday, we began calling the principals involved, including Schwab. We called the president's office and left a message for him. With no return call in a couple of hours, we tried again to no avail. By 6 p.m., we tried his cell phone twice during a two-hour span, leaving messages both times. We also called his home and left a pair of messages. In between the Schwab efforts, three of the candidates were willing to talk.

Since the candidates were being interviewed on Wednesday and Thursday, and since we still hadn’t heard from the prez, we called him on Thursday afternoon. He quickly said that he wasn’t happy with our Wednesday story that included interviews with three of the candidates. It seems Schwab wanted a more “low-key” approach to the hiring, despite the fact that an athletic director at a Division I school is regularly in the sports news.

Schwab said that he tried to call me back on Wednesday morning. But there were no messages on my cell phone or at The Times office, where I haven’t knowingly missed a message in about six years. Besides Wednesday morning was too late.

Apparently, Schwab didn’t feel up to returning multiple phone calls even to say he had no comment on a story that wasn't exactly controversial. Obviously Schwab doesn't appreciate someone working hard to bring Centenary fans the news. With multiple openings on campus, Schwab is probably a busy man, but is he so busy that he couldn’t spend a couple of minutes returning a call to a sports writer who covers multiple events on his campus every year?

That’s a strange way to run a college that is in need of all the publicity it can get.


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