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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


So the LSU-Centenary game drew nearly 4,000 people Tuesday night -- a glorious night for Shreveport and Fair Grounds Field.
Well, not so much.
Not one of the folks in the stands didn't at some point make a joke about the scoreboard. IT'S A DISGRACE. Names of players were illegible (loved Ate Santiago, that was my favorite), the scores were jumbled and the pitch counts were absolutely a disgrace.
It was embarrassing. Of course it's been like that for years. Someone joked at the office that the Sports don't care the scoreboard doesn't work because then people won't know they're losing.
Scoreboards are much of what people remember when they visit a ball park --Wrigley and Fenway with the manual scoreboard and Yankees stadium with the simple, yet historic electronic scoreboard.
Shreveport mayor Cedric Glover was at Tuesday's game. Hopefully, he was as embarrassed as the rest of us. Then maybe something will get done.


Blogger TSD said...

Absolutely embarrassing! The City of Shreveport, Mayor Glover, the head of SPAR, the Shreveport Sports Authority all ought to be embarrassed by horrible aesthetics of the ballpark. Not only was the scoreboard situation a total fiasco, but where were the city, state and large US flags? The field was in terrible shape, not to mention the overall look of the park. If Mayor Glover wants to lure the SWAC to Shreveport, he'd better sign an emergency executive order to spruce up Fair Grounds Field.

1:44 PM  

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