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Monday, March 12, 2007

Booing ban?

This week's sign of the apocalypse (thank you Sports Illustrated) comes from Washington state. The state's high school athletic association wants to ban booing at all games.

Other high school athletic associations are already on board and have also banned face paint, those big foam No. 1 fingers, feet stomping, derisive cheering against opponents and trying to distract opponents shooting free throws.


We might as well as start handing out ribbons to everyone for participating...oh wait, we already do that.

Some of those cheers against opponents can brush the corners of decency, but to ban booing? Face painting? Feet stomping? This is beyond ridiculous.

These educators, who are supposedly preparing young men and women for adulthood, are only coddling them. A recent study of college students determined that narcissism is a common them among them. They've never had to face any challenges and only expect the best to be handed to them.

Sports are supposed to teach teamwork, discipline, and the fact that sometimes, the odds are against you. Yes, people will be cheering for you to fall on your face. It's rising to the challenge that builds character.


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