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Monday, October 09, 2006

SEC fans should button up

The Arkansas win over Auburn on Saturday proved that the SEC is a very down league this season. Remember that 50-14 shellacking that the Hogettes took at the hands of USC to open the season? That's all that needs to be said about the strength of Arkansas football. Then they turn around and handily beat the SEC West leader on the road.

Right now it's Florida as the only SEC team with a chance to win the national title. With the Gators having to run the gauntlet of Auburn, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida State, along with a possible SEC Championship game, their days of remaining unbeaten are numbered.

It's humorous in north Louisiana, hearing SEC fans running down the strength of the Big 12, Pac 10, Big Ten and ACC. Some years they have room to talk, but this year they don't.


Blogger Pedro Pizarro said...

Have you seen the latest AP top 25 poll, Jimmy?
Here's how the conferences stand up so far:
Big 12 -- four teams in top 25
Pac 10 -- three teams are in
Big Ten -- four teams
ACC -- three teams
Heck even the vaunted Big East has only three teams in it.
And the pitiful, down year SEC? Six teams and two are in the top 10.
I'd say that qualifies as a pretty good year. If you want to see something really humorous, go check out that Coach O video on LSUBeat.com

11:49 PM  
Blogger Scott Ferrell said...

You say Florida is the only SEC team with a shot. Well, that's one more than the Big 12 has.

10:02 AM  
Blogger Patrick Netherton, Demon Sports Network said...

The only real problem with your transverse property argument (if USC pounded Arkansas and Arkansas pounded Auburn then USC is better than Auburn) is that Arkansas has changed considerably between the time they played USC and Auburn.

Mitch Mustain has given them some semblance of a passing game, which forces opposing defenses to play them honestly, as opposed to USC, who could just load up to stop the run.

The SEC is what it always is, an incredibly competitive league that will always beat up on itself. Even this year, when there is more balance.

I will leave you with this: Give me the big loss that one of the top SEC teams has had out of conference?

4:07 PM  
Blogger Roy Lang III said...

Come on Jimmy. I'm an ACC guy and even I know your argument is embarrassing. Haha, had to get that in.
No really, the SEC is full of really good teams that just happen to be unafraid of each other. Winning on the road in the SEC is tougher than any conference in the land.
The Arkansas argument is irrelevent, considering "Mitch for Prez" didn't even start the USC game. Obviously, the Hawgs are a different bunch with him at the helm.
I must be missing the huge wins all these other conferences are collecting against the SEC.

10:37 AM  
Blogger Erick Fayard said...

Roger that, Langer. Year in and year out, the SEC kicks each other's teeth in, leaving the "Experts in Bristol" to brag about the power of the Big Ten and the PAC-10, as well as who would win a dream game pitting the '05 USC Trojans and the '74 Fighting Irish.

Regarding Roy's comment on Mustain -- that team IS a 'different bunch with him at the helm'... and that will make the SEC even stronger come Bowl season.

1:48 PM  

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