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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Shreve vs. Byrd football

Fourth quarter
Justan Gibson has had a rough night, but he ran for 43 yards into the end zone to perhaps put the game out of reach at 13-3, Byrd.

1:22 in third
John Michael Anthony, 30 run into end zone. Yellow Jackets take 7-3 lead after Gators hold momentum for most of three quarters. This is starting to look like a typical Byrd win, leaving the Gators with the most heartbreak possible.

Halftime, Shreve leads, 3-0
Byrd has had some big plays called back by penalty. On the other hand, for the momentum the Gators appear to have, three points is not much. If Captain Shreve doesn't come out and take charge -- and Byrd gets the ball first -- the Jackets could keep their 11-game winning streak in this series going.

7:50 in 2nd
John Michiels 23 FG good, Gators lead, 3-0

End of first period, Jackets 0, Gators 0.
After one quarter, neither team has scored or done much offensively. For football purists, that's meant a nice punting exhibition by two of the best in the city, David Hankins of Byrd and John Michiels of Shreve.

First (again), just about everybody on the Byrd side is wearing camoflauge. Students. Parents. Even principal Jerry Badgley as he stalks the ticket line watching for trouble. Whatever happens on the field tonight, the Jackets crowd is well organized.
Second, while the heat seems to have broken in town, the humidity is holding strong in the Lee Hedges Stadium press box. STRONG.
Finally, heights and weights for Captain Shreve football players are among the most secretive numbers in Caddo Parish. Yet, through the glass window into the Gators radio booth, I can see them on a roster belonging to play-by-play guy Pat Netherton. IT SHALL BE MINE!!!


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