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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

LHSAA ruling looks heavy

It appears the trophy Bastrop won at Independence Stadium last year with a Class 4A football championship will be taken back by the LHSAA.


I don't have many details yet, but what I know so far seems to make this the perfect case to illustrate what's wrong with high school football in Louisiana and with the LHSAA.

After Katrina blew through, the LHSAA was quick to say athletes were the focus and the rules would be followed but handled with compassion. Principals were going to be trusted to do the right thing.

It wasn't long before Parkway was losing a game it dominated because a kid lied about his age, and the appearance of some Port Sulphur athletes at Bastrop drew national attention. The argument at the time was that Bastrop had done something wrong, but unless my memory is incorrect, the LHSAA gave the school the nod.

I've seen enough underhanded recruiting to be unsurprised about what might have gone on with these players at Bastrop, but I've also seen the LHSAA operate like a Cesna in a windstorm, fishtailing all over the rulebook with no apparent direction.

The whole affair is pretty disgusting.


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