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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

About that super conference

Every time a BCS conference expands, the national media is quick to jump on the whole Super Conference concept. When the Big Eight and Southwest Conference had their, uh, marriage of sorts, the Big 12 was pronounced as a Super Conference. The Big 12 has certainly had its moments, but it has had to share the state with the Pac-10, SEC, ACC and even the Big Ten to an extent.

So now the ACC comes along as the next Super Conference. Taking in the best of the Big East, the ACC was ready to flex its muscle.

The scorecard please -- Football national championship (Big 12 over Pac-10); Men's basketball (SEC over Pac-10) and Baseball (Pac-10 over ACC).

Heck, you could make a case this year for the much-maligned Pac-10 as the best sports league.

As for the greatness of the ACC, let's hold off for a while. History shows us the league will have its moments, but it is doubtful that any conference is going to be dominant over the other BCS leagues.


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