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Friday, April 14, 2006

Saints' future cloudy at best

In Sunday's Times, we'll have a story looking at how the New Orleans Saints' future in Louisiana is tied to the team's ability to market itself regionally.

This concept has been lauded by NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue. He likes to point out the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs as teams that market themselves as regional teams and not just confined to the city limits.

The Saints have followed Tagliabue's lead by scheduling preseason games in Shreveport and Jackson, Miss.

But here is the bigger question? Does the region have the ability to help prop up the Saints while New Orleans rebuilds?

Let's face it, Louisiana and Mississippi are not affluent states. Nor are the two states large in population. It makes for murky waters. If you don't believe it, just read Sunday's Times.


Blogger Brett Roman said...

“Here is some reality to mix with Saints' hopes”

If I was interested in reality, I wouldn’t be a Saints fan.

6:05 PM  
Blogger Brian McCallum said...

Here's another reality. Tagliabue is a lame duck. He loses power every day, and the new commissioner will not be as tied to the region by any of his predecessor's promises. The Saints will be gone the day after L.A. opens a stadium.

1:42 PM  
Blogger Brett Roman said...

All one liners aside, Benson should have been reaching out to North LA and the gulf coast well before this year. It’s obvious that Benson is a terrible marketer and generally a bad owner. You just can’t run a football team like a used car lot. I will never forget the Press conference with Tags before the first Saints game at Tiger Stadium where he said flat out that the deal between the State and the Saints was horrible and how it was inappropriate that the entire state gives money to a New Orleans team. And then Benson wants to spouts out in Shreveport how the team is really the Louisiana Saints? What a joke, we can’t even watch the Saints in Shreveport if the Cowboys are playing, and they are using our tax dollars to finance the team!

I had a chance to listen to the entire Benson press conference from Shreveport on 71 KEEL one Saturday night and it was a painful experience, poor Benson could barley put forth a complete sentence, having him in charge is like having Uncle Junior running the Sopranos crime family.

Sort of like how hurricane Katrina exposed the corruption and poor government in South LA, it also exposed the NFL to how poorly the Saints are being run. Who knows how the new commissioner will feel about the Saints situation, it’s too early to say that it will be worse. It was my wish that the group led by Terry Bradshaw bought the team or the league totally took over operations of the Saints after the San Antonio farce.

4:25 PM  

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