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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Vince Young's reportedly low Wonderlic scores no big deal

Former Texas star Vince Young reportedly made a 6 out of 50 the first time he took the Wonderlic Test, an exam given to potential NFL draftees at the league's annual scouting combine.
Apparently the test wasn't graded properly so Young took it again and made a 16. Now pundits and so-called "draft experts" everywhere are going to question the intelligence of the guy who single-handedly gave the Longhorns the national championship last season.
Who cares? Young can play football. Sure his passing mechanics aren't perfect and he didn't always face the best competition, but he got the job done against USC, which was supposedly the greatest team in college football history (according to ESPN and AP, that is -- remember the "threepeat" nonsense?).
I used to doubt the kid's ability, too, but after seeing him tear apart the Trojans' defense in the title game -- even when they knew what was coming -- his chances of being an impact player in the NFL have increased tremendously.
If Young's draft status is lowered because of the reports, then he'll have even more to prove to skeptics once he becomes a starting QB.


Blogger Brett Roman said...

USC’s D is nothing to write home about, Fresno State scored at will against USC also. Basing Vince Young’s pro prospect over 1 game is ludicrous and short sighted. I predict that not only will VY fall out of the top 10, he will be the 3rd QB taken in the draft behind Leinart and Cutler.

8:32 AM  
Blogger Roy Lang III said...

He got a 16 on the Wonderlic. Isn't that above average considering he went to UT?

9:57 AM  
Blogger Pedro Pizarro said...

The draft will definitely be interesting this year, Brett.
I agree USC was overhyped all last season (the Trojans were ranked 48th in total defense at the end of the year). But they should still have been able to stop the one guy Texas had and they couldn't.
Matt Leinart was good in college because he had a great supporting cast (Mike Williams, Keary Colbert, Reggie Bush, LenDale White) around him at USC his entire career -- if he doesn't in the NFL he may suffer, especially if he's drafted by the Saints.
Jay Cutler is interesting because of his immense talent, but he didn't deliver what Young did in college -- wins. Yeah it was because he was at Vandy facing tough SEC teams and Young faced paltry competition in the Big 12, but Young is a guy who can raise the level of his team's play (much like his mentor, Steve McNair, did with the Titans -- remember what folks said about McNair his first couple years in the league?)

BTW, I'll buy you a drink if we ever meet at Mia's - I'm in a cover band and we're playing there March 4 and 11 for the rugby parties (I played 12 seasons with the Shreveport RFC). It's really quite a cozy venue. We've played there on and off since last summer - ask J.B. or Blake about Pedro's band :)

Roy -- that score probably is above average for a Longhorns player, but 16 is exactly what Dan Marino reportedly made and he wasn't too shabby, even without a Super Bowl ring to his credit.

12:37 PM  
Blogger Roy Lang III said...

Come on PEDRO!! Marino made a 20! Give him his 4 extra points!! That's 25 percent better than Young (see I'm applying my Wonderlic skills).

1:25 PM  

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