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Saturday, February 25, 2006

ESPN - The Cell Phone

The kids ganged up on me on a night when my excuse box was empty and I had no choice but to take them to Best Buy ... or as our online staff calls it, ShreveDisney!

Once there, I just happened to find the ESPN cell phone (MobileESPN to be exact) the network keeps showing off during each commercial break. Gorgeous black, lightweight, sharp color screen and the buttons are in the traditional ESPN red.

OK, that you knew. But I thought of our peeps who read the Free For All and grabbed the pricing guide to review the specifics of what you get besides a great looking cell phone. Well, your minute plans go between 100 and 4,000 minutes. Sports data services, (you know, the reason you're getting the phone) are included in all of the plans. The monthly charges are higher than what you may find with a traditional cell phone plan, but not unreasonable.

Text messages run from $4.99 a month for 200 messages to $12.99 for 1,000. If you're sending up to 1,000 text messages, please seek professional help.

The phone has running scores, fantasy managers (Jason Pugh and Pedro Pizarro have stopped reading now), gamecasts, and access to Insider content. Buying the phone also gets you a year's worth of access to ESPN Insider content online and a 12-month subscription to ESPN The Magazine.

There's one more feature that isn't included in the pricing guide that should be ... the trip to divorce court.


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