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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Kudos to Homer officials

Kudos to Homer officials for the way they handled Friday night's storm.
I arrived at Homer for the Homer-Fisher state football playoff game about 45 minutes before the scheduled kickoff. On my way on Highway 79 I watched the ominous lightning show to the northwest and listened to the weather warnings on the radio.
I figured there would be no way the game would kick off at 7. All it takes is one lightning bolt to create a major tragedy.
When I got there, I asked the game officials about the weather and they said they were keeping up with it. So was Homer law enforcement. When I left them and went back to my car they hadn't made a decision about the kickoff.
About 15 minutes before 7, the teams left the field after their warmup to go to the locker rooms, and one of the team's pep squads took the field. About 10 minutes later the field was cleared. A few minutes after that the stands were cleared.
Homer officials opened the gym across the street from the stadium. Some people went to their cars, but most went to the gym, including the Fisher team and most of their fans. Everybody who wanted to get in there made it before the storm hit.
The storm passed by about 8 o'clock but officials waited another 30 minutes to start the game. By that time, the spectacular lightning show had faded in the east.
A great job by all concerned.


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