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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Is term Mid-Majors an insult?

Here are some interesting scores from the early part of the college basketball season.

Oral Roberts 78, Kansas 71
Michigan 66, Wisconsin-Milwaukee 59
Oklahoma State 79, Northwestern State 76
North Carolina 73, Winthrop 66
Butler 60, Indiana 55

On his radio talk show in a discussion with Chris Fowler Thursday, ESPN's Dan Patrick said he thought there should be a new term for Mid-Majors, because it's almost insulting. He compared it to the term Prop 48, something that brands you for life. You can't get any better or worse, he said.

He pointed out that instead of programs revolving around stars headed for the NBA, these so-called Mid-Majors have teams that stay together for several years.

So it may still be a big deal when the so-called Mid-Majors beat or play one of the established majors close, but it's hardly surprising anymore.

Fowler pretty much agreed with him.

Of course, it's more surprising when a Northwestern State team with one starter back plays an OSU team with five back close. That goes against the experienced-team theory. But there is something to be said for Patrick's suggestion. Maybe the term Mid-Majors should go by the wayside.


Blogger Brian McCallum said...

I think "mid-major" is a compliment. Some of these schools are not major at all. and you never hear any called a "lower-major." If there are mid-majors, there have to be lower-majors.

3:25 PM  

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